December 8th, 2017


Companies around the world are working hard to reduce their environmental footprints, but smaller businesses such as Lindab play a particularly important role in preventing negative impacts on the environment.  Because smaller businesses in Canada represent about 97 percent of total business establishments, the eco-friendly efforts of smaller businesses form the foundation of environmental efforts.

With Lindab’s rain systems, being environmentally friendly is key to their business. For starters, the steel they use is the most environmentally friendly gutter material on the market. A study on the life-cycle of gutter materials was done compared the life cycles of different rain system materials, and found that of the seven products tested, Lindab’s steel has the lowest carbon footprint of any of its competitors.

The carbon footprint of Lindab’s steel products are the lowest of any rainwater system, with up to 30 percent manufactured from recycled materials – meaning the Lindab system itself is also recyclable. Additionally, Lindab’s system has a long lifetime of durability, meaning that because it won’t need to be replaced quickly, it’s cradle-to-grave impact is even lessened.

At Lindab, having the smallest environmental footprint of any competitors is incredibly important. If you are looking to replace your gutters in the most environmentally responsible way possible, consider Lindab – a product that will not degrade, has a green production process, and has the smallest carbon footprint of any gutter line on the market.

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