April 24th, 2018


When choosing gutters for your home, materials are not the only big decision to be made. Homeowners have the option of choosing gutter styles that may be more suited to their home or personal style.  Gutters come in a variety of styles that can be more visually appealing and stylish – one of the most common of these are half round gutter systems.

Instead of being square shaped, the half round gutter systems are rounded like a pipe cut lengthwise. Homeowners who choose this style will still have all the options of different colours, widths, and in options such as seamless or in sections. Materials for half round gutters typically can be aluminum, copper, and galvanized or zinc coated metals.

Half round gutters were traditionally used fairly widely in Europe on historical homes, because they suit the style of older European homes, match the exteriors nicely, and are historically accurate for the homes in many instances. K-style (square gutters) are more commonly used in American homes where the homes are typically a lot newer and less traditional – K-style gutters have become far more common in North America, but half round gutters are becoming a popular option for their style and looks.

Half round gutters have a smoother shape and are therefore less prone to corrosion, easier to clean since debris don’t get caught as easily, and need to be cleaned less frequently. Between the lower maintenance required and the popularity of the looks of half round gutters, they are quickly becoming popular.

Half round gutters can be a disadvantage when looking at initial costs as they do tend to be more expensive than other styles to purchase as they are not as readily available, and require some specialty parts such as threaded rods and hanger brackets. They are also heavier than K-style gutters.

For homeowners looking for lower maintenance gutters with great visual appeal, half round gutters are a great option to look into.

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