March 29th, 2018


Electrostatic painting is a process of painting using a magnetic field to apply paint to metals, based on the principle of “opposites attract”. By giving the metal gutter system a negative charge and the paint a positive charge, the results of using this type of coating is a durable, smooth, hard finish that is plated on. This type of coating is becoming more and more common in metal gutter systems for its durability.

How it Works

In this type of coating process, the gutter to be painted received a negative charge from an electrode which looks similar to a battery cable. The coating paint is given a positive charge, and is then sprayed onto the gutter. The opposite negative and positive charges attract each other like a magnet, causing the coating to wrap around the gutter and completely cover its surface. As an additional benefit, there is no mess from overspray using this method.

Benefits of Electrostatic Coating

There are many benefits to coating a gutter system using an electrostatic method, some of which include:

  • It provides a smooth, hardened enamel finish;
  • Easy control of the coating thickness;
  • Cost effective;
  • Saves both paint and time;
  • A clean method (no overspray or splatter); and
  • Application is uniform.


Electrostatic coating of gutter systems is a cost-effective and clean method of coating, providing an even and smooth finish. The coating is proven to be both strong and durable – certain to last through many harsh weather seasons.

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