February 27th, 2018


When is the best time to install a new gutter system in Vancouver? Having a functional gutter system is imperative year-round to your home, so if you are thinking it may be time for a new one, you should consider when would be the best time of year to deal with the installations in Vancouver.


In the spring time, proper drainage is important to channel away the excess rains, and melting snow and ice from your roof. Having old gutters that do not function properly during the spring time can cause some serious structural damage to your house and may end up damaging the home’s foundation. A new gutter system might be necessary in the spring if the old system is in bad condition.


A proper gutter system should ensure that there is no stagnant water sitting and creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bugs which may come around in the summer heat. Replacing your gutter systems in the summer can be ideal to help rid a mosquito infestation.


Gutters that are not well guarded in the fall can easily become blocked – falling leaves and other debris slow the drainage through your gutter system. If your gutters are not well guarded, replacing or repairing them may be a great idea heading into fall. Additionally, gutters should be cleaned as best as possible once the leaves have stopped falling, but before the snow begins.


Winter can be tortuous for gutter systems because of heavy snow and ice, which may clog the system and weigh down the gutters. It is probably best to wait until after winter to replace the system, or prepare ahead of time and replace the gutter system before winter begins.

Because each season brings its own threats, it is imperative to the health of your home to keep your gutter system maintained and replace it in a timely fashion when the time comes for a new system. Most homeowners opt to replace the system in the warmer months or just before fall season hits, however gutters may need to be replaced at any time during the year, if a problem presents itself.

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