February 9th, 2018


If you are looking for a rain gutter material that can bring out both Contemporary and Old World style of your home, consider Zinc. Zinc rain gutter and drainage systems are incredibly popular in Europe, and are gaining steam in Canada and the US for their timeless style and light weight material. 

Choosing the right rain gutter system will not just add style and beauty to your home, it will add functionality and vital weather resistance as well. Zinc rain gutters have the advantage of premium material value, visual appeal, and easy maintenance for the homeowner. 

Material Economy 

Though Zinc may be more expensive than materials such as aluminum, it is far more resistant to rust and impacts (from tree branches, sports balls, etc.). As a premium rain gutter material, zinc is more affordable than copper and steel. 

Visual Appeal 

Zinc rain gutters are able to maintain their timeless beauty for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, they require less maintenance against rust and water corrosion. This corrosion resistance is the result of patina formation over time due to zinc carbonate, which gives the material its pre-weathered look and excellent light reflection. Furthermore, zinc rain gutters are lightweight and can be easily manipulated into shapes and angles that match and compliment your home’s design. 

Easy Maintenance 

Zinc’s light weight also makes it the ideal choice for especially tall homes as well as drainage systems which require a lot of material to be attached to the side of the building. Another added benefit: because they are so weather resistant and require less maintenance, they can stand their own on hard to reach roofs. 

A properly installed zinc rain gutter and drainage system can have a lifetime of up to 30 to 50 years. Zinc rain gutters are an excellent choice for your Vancouver home.

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